Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sailing like it's Summertime

The highlight of our trip to Jamaica was undoubtedly one that took place far out at sea. We departed from the Montego Bay Yacht Club, only to find out that it was the same one that Prince Charles and Camilla departed from in '08. While it was fun to learn that, the highlight was to follow. We got suited up in flippers and goggles, jumped in the turquoise water and swam to the reef. When I put my face to the water and caught my first glimpse of what lived beneath, I was completely blown away. It was the dreamiest, most surreal experience. There was a massive school of Sergeant Majors, lots of gorgeous coral, and we even saw a Barracuda. I was too excited to be nervous, call me naive. After a while, we got back in The Lark and sailed for hours on a warm breezy day. This my friends, was definitely the highlight of our trip for both of us. And if you ever find yourself in Jamaica, I couldn't recommend Barrett Adventures more highly.

Shop today's vacation outfit:

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Shopping Guide: Gift Ideas for the Ladies

I interrupt this vacation style broadcast from last week's trip to Jamaica to share a very important and hopefully very helpful shopping guide. This one is for the ladies in our lives. Holiday shopping is in full swing. With all of the possibilities out there, this part of the season can definitely be overwhelming. But never fear, Ruby Girl is here to guide you through the murky waters of bazillions of choices and not all of them the right ones (ahem... that egg-shaping kitchen accoutrement with the "as seen on tv" tag that you got from Aunt Mertyl last year). 

1. Pavay, pavay, pavay! I've actually been using this skincare line for about a month and have found it to be really great. My skin feels fresh and clean, my pores are smaller, and my face feels softer and smoother overall. This would be a great gift for your sister, friend, mom, grandmother, really anybody. I love that the products are organic. Natural is always better and Pavay really seems to get that. I can personally recommend the Beauty Bar, Retinol Eye Cream, and Hydra-Gel Mask. I love sharing great new discoveries and Pavay is definitely one to try!

2. One-of-a-kind Home Decor Items This little gingham tea pot is a definite conversation-starter. It's so adorable! I also love the little candle with polka dots. Because obviously I adore pretty much everything with polka dots. But one of my favorite parts of this particular candle is that it says, "Escape the Ordinary". What a great little reminder to live an exciting life. The coffee table book, Art & Sole, is quite a stunning read. The shoes in it are not wearable but are definitely eye candy and each has a cool story. I also find this nautical American heritage-esque navy blanket from Lexington Company ridiculously tempting to snuggle up into.

3. Splurges on Staples Looking to spend a prettier penny on your pretty lady? (Ladies, feel free to send this post on to your honey's because you know you deserve this). If you've got a slightly more substantial budget, it's nice to get some serious bang for your buck. And I happen to know that all of us tend to appreciate a high quality pair of go-to jeans. (#amiright girls?). A classic camel toggle coat would also be much appreciated for the winter months. Last but far from least, Karen Walker tortoise shell sunglasses, a Tory Burch wallet, and glossy rain boots would make for perfect presents underneath the tree.

4. Personalized Holiday Cards are the perfect way to send some holiday cheer without breaking the bank. They're thoughtful and personal. Through Red Stamp, you can actually download their app and send them right from your phone also. Doesn't get a whole lot easier than that! It also can add a really nice touch to a gift. Instead of just buying something for someone, sweeten the sentiment with a kind note inside a festive card. Also, save 15% on your purchase by using code RSLOVESRUBYGIRL at checkout through the 29th!

5. Trendy Beauty Products & Accessories For the girl who has everything, take a risk by trying out one of the latest styles in cosmetics or accessories. She'll appreciate that you get her bold fashion sense. This beautiful Loren Hope crystal cuff and classically elegant Daniel Wellington watch would boost the fabulous level of any arm stack incrementally. Then there's this stunning Kendra Scott bronze drusy necklace… totally speaks for itself. You must check it out! And this houndstooth scarf, teal purse, and heirloom-inspired earrings (all major steals I might add!) are darling accessories, sure to please. 

6. Anything Striped The most steadfast of prints, stripes never seem to go out of style. Meaning you simply can't go wrong when gifting a striped something. This striped shirt from Closet Barcode has a few really interesting accents that make it a little different from the rest. There is leather detailing and a waist belt. Plus, the colors are great for the winter season.

Several of the items included in this Gift Guide are from Shopbop, and as a responsible blogger looking out for you to find the best deals possible this means I really must share about their HUGE sale going on from 11/25-12/1. It's an incremental sale, so the more you spend the more you save. Spend $250 for 15% off, $500 for 20% off and $1000 for 25% off. Click here to start shopping your fav designers with these amazing discounts at Shopbop.

I hope these Holiday gift ideas have got you thinking outside the box this year so that what you end up wrapping inside the gift box is something she'll be sure to remember, and in the best possible way. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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Monday, November 24, 2014


How darling is this little mint skirt by Frill clothing? With the pleats and the loops of the bow, the top of it seems to almost have floral elements to it. The structure of the fabric is folded in an elegant and feminine way, similar to the petals of a flower. Every where I turned in Jamaica, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing another gorgeous flower. Delicate and easy, they fluttered in the gentle breeze. Confident and unified, their shape withstood the same wind. I find the little things positively enrapturing, like many elements of nature as you may already know or if you're new around here and continue to follow along, will most surely come to know. So more than stop and smell the roses, I stopped and smelled them, ooh-ed and ahh-ed them, and of course, photographed them.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sorbet By the Sea

Something I love about visiting new places is discovering nature anew. Maybe down here in Jamaica, parrots are like squirrels, around every corner and not a big deal. But Patrick and I are like kids in a candy shop, just lovin it. We've seen parrots, peacocks and a lot of sea-life this trip. Two of my favorites are the starfish and zebra-fish. We have a snorkeling and sailing trip tomorrow and I've got my fingers crossed for coming across a dolphin or two. Patrick and I have always nerded out in the animal department. Planet Earth is like one of our all-time favorite movies. So you can imagine seeing all of these beauts in real life is like a non-stop highlight reel.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anchored to Adventure

This one's going to be short and sweet, loves. As I only have a few minutes before my eyes quit this long blinking thing and actually close for a good night's sleep. It's getting late and I'm exhausted from a day of doing basically nothing. Isn't that how it goes? The days of utter relaxation in the sun are the ones in which you are just absolutely beat at the end of the day? Well let me tell you, it's been a nice change of pace from our otherwise quite-busy lives. I wish you could see this place in real life. I wish you all could be here with me (seriously how fun?!). St. James Secrets Resort here in Jamaica has been totally great and the scenery is phenomenal. There's nothing like an open beach to bring out the frolic and dreamer in you. The ocean truly does inspire me and ground me all at the same time. It's comforting and astounding, mysterious and inviting. It blows my mind every time like the first time and I just adore it. So I'm spending every minute I can with it this week. 
This unique nautical dress is from mudpie gift. They have a lot of really neat stuff. Check it out, you may just find a new favorite!
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