Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oversized Everything... Except the Shoes.

top: thrifted, shorts: f21, socks: urban outfitters, shoes: kohls (elle), belt: f21

Awkward & Awesome || Thursday

:: Filling up ice trays with water and transporting them to the freezer. I inevitably drip water all over the floor on which I step and it drips down my sleeves. Undesirable sensations.
:: Losing 2 fantasy football games in a row. Boo. I don't take well to losses. Not that I know a livin stink about fantasy football. I hired the hubby as my team manager. May have to consider cutting his salary a bit.
:: Dropping my red nail polish on the ground, at which point it smashed to smitherines and left puddles of gloopy polish all over our bathroom floor and I had zero time to clean it up because I was already a bit late to something. And later that evening company comes over and has to witness the tragic display.
:: Cravings during our Healthy Shmealthy Detox (week1=veggies+fruits+nuts/eggs, week2=add chicken, week3=add red meat). We are just wrapping up Day 3 and I am not such a big fan of them right now. Never before have I drooled over a young child's Saltine smothered with peanut butter and topped with raisins. Oh the things an oppressive diet will do to you.

:: Patrick surprised me with just-because flowers on Monday. Such a thoughtful gentleman of a hubby I have.
:: The nice couple who walked with me late at night from sketchville, where I parked my car, to the graves hotel downtown for the Envision fashion show.
:: Outdoor weddings on lakes. We attended one such wedding this last weekend. So lovely!
:: The autumnal candle we just picked up from Homegoods. Waft, little baby, waft your magical smell.

^Inspired by Sydney of The Daybook^

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Rachel said...

Love those shoes!

Melody said...

I love oversized comfy! And those shoes are awesome!

Kassie said...

Those shoes are fab! Good job for wearing them with the oversized clothes because I'm pretty sure I'd want slippers on and to lay around all day because it looks so comfy! Sometimes comfort does nothing for me but make me want to sleep! =)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh no, I can't believe you dropped your nail polish and it broke! Not good!

Grace said...

Pretty (:

Gina said...

Love the shoes!! And your outfit looks great on you! I love your style :)

xo, gina

SiSi Sparkles said...

those socks and heels are ADORABLE! love love love.
I like the whole oversize thing, you've inspired me :]

nike shox agent said...

I like the whole oversize thing, you've inspired me :]

Elisabeth said...

Great style, I'm a new follower!