Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kickboxing has Repercussions

jacket: macy's, dress: thrifted (well, actually free from a clothes swap. brand...?), tights: pacsun, platform ankle wedges: kmart, necklace: marshall's

:: This is the first and last day I will be wearing this little polka dot dress, due to a generous tear in the tush thanks to a little impromptu kickboxing match against the hubby while we waited for the camera battery to charge (in an outdoor outlet at the local YMCA) in between taking photos for this outfit ::
:: Eating mandarin oranges while driving. The dang nasty syrupy juice is filled to the brim of the little kiddie lunch cup. So when I peel back the lid, it just fills everywhere ::
:: After driving a '95 Chevy Blazer for much of my life, I forget that I'm actually currently in a baby car, a little Ford Focus, and I pass up tight spots. Then I'm shocked when I give 'em a go and fit with 3 feet on either side.

:: Dark Jeans. They're good at hiding mandarin oranges juice ::
:: Surprise Date from the hubby. Homegoods & Olive Garden. Oooo he knows how to to speak to me ::
:: The pizza guys dancing on the corner with the big $9.99 signs. Can I be you for a day? :: 
:: Twitter pals, you already know this, but non-Twitter pals, I just have to tell you... the hubby and I booked a vacation at a Sandals resort in Jamaica for October 2012. Thanks to some solid budgeting and a whole lot of blessing. Ha. Woohoo!

^Awkward & Awesome post Inspired by Sydney of The Daybook^


Aida said...

Love the wedges!!!!!!

Tanyabell said...

Cute that it ran a very short course! :(

Melody said...

Love that dress! You got those wedges at Kmart?! I had no idea that have cute stuff like that.

cate said...

Which Sandals are you going to there? My husband and I went to the one in Ochos Rios way back in the days before children. We LOVED it! We also did the one in the Bahamas for our anniversary - we're big fans of Sandals.:) So excited for you - you'll have so much fun!

Chana said...

Those wedges are amazing! I can't believe they're Kmart!

SO great that you are going to Sandals in Jamaica! That is where we got married, in Negril. It is a magical place, perfect for romance :) I'm very jealous, but excited for you to feel the magic of it!

Rachel said...

Yea.... the hurt is there. Love the wedges, I am with Melody: you got them from Kmart???

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh no, that poor dress!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love your hair! x hivenn

kaitkenzie said...

loving the girly polka-dots and the sweet tights. you look darling my lady!

kaitlin xo

Lillies and Lace said...

love the dress and those wedges!! thanks for stopping by my blog, i'd definitely be interested in being featured. i've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging but i'm starting up on nov. 1st again!

Orange Autumn said...

You look great!! So happy for you and the hubs (going on vacation!) That's awesome!