Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY :: Detachable Peter Pan Collar

You guys... I did it. I really did it. I... SEWED!!!! And, while we're stopping the world, I'm doing another DIY. It appears that the last one of these puppies I did was denim cut-offs. In June. And that one barely counted. Less of a how-to and more of a how-I-did. So BAM. Here we go. My first real DIY.

The Peter Pan Collar. A fun little accessory that can be highly versatile. I struggle with buying a shirt/dress that's basically the same as one I already own except for a Peter Pan Collar. So I looked into detachables. The cheapest I could find ran circa $25. Eu, gross. So I put a little sweat equity into my wardrobe and decided to give my highly neglected DIY muscles a little work-out. Wanna take the plunge with me? Here's how:

You will need:
-Fabric (color/material of your choice!) 1/2 yard
-Interfacing (light-medium) 1/2 yard
-Sewing machine
-White paper
-Hook & Eye set

Design collar:
1. Lay a dress/top down that you'd like to fit the collar over.
2*. Use pins placed strategically to mark the size and shape of the collar.

Make pattern:
(Bypass this section by purchasing a pattern.)
3. Sketch the shape of the collar onto paper.
4. Add a dotted outline 5/8" all around that sketch to allow for a seam. This will be the size of the collar.
5*. Cut it out
6*. "Try it on" to make sure it fits right.
And here's your homemade pattern!

Prepare fabric:
7. Place pattern on 2 layers of the fabric and one layer of interfacing (it makes the collar crisper). Pin it smoothly.
8*. Cut them out.
9*. Remove pattern.
10*. Pin the interfacing to the backside of one collar piece.
11. Make sure pins are perpendicular so you can sew right over them or remove them as you go.

Sew, clip, turn, sew, iron, sew, & wear!
12*. Sew the interfacing to the backside of one collar piece at 1/2" from edge with a long stitch of 3.
13. Place the two front-sides of the material together and pin (One of the front sides will have the interfacing attached to it now).
14*. Stitch around the collar leaving an opening of 4" in the middle back of the collar.
15*. Clip the edge of the collar down at the curves and corners up to the seam.
16*. Turn it right side out.
17. Stitch the opening shut after folding edges in with a "blind" stitch (by hand).
18. Iron the collar.
19*. Sew a hook & eye at the opening.

And it's ready to wear!

Thanks to my amazing mom for helping this scary contraption seem a bit more friendly. We poured over every step of this little DIY together. She says "Hi" :)

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StopTheTime said...

great idea. ;)
nicee photos. ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

CUTE! Good job lady!

Tori said...

too cute! Thanks for sharing!!

Victoria said...

This is so darling! I absolutely love it, and I cannot wait to try it.
Thank for givving to how to!
Biggest Love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World

alignaCristina from SomekindofParadise said...

oh my goodness i love it!! I will have to try this one out too:))

Sunkissed said...

I am so gonna try it ASAP ! Thank you :D
PS: You look gorgeous in green :D

Kenzie and Maddy said...

Love this! great idea! It looks so prefect with that dress!

Isabela said...

This is perfect! I wanted to get one of this for ages, definitely will try making one this weekend.
Also, Lindsey, I love your blusher and your lipstick. Amazing combination and suits you so well!

bea said...

That's amazing, very well done :) xx

bea said...

Oh, also I love your lipstick, what is it? Been looking for a similar shade for ages... xx

Virginia said...

Talent! Very, very exciting. I'm totes jeals.

Oh my Dior! said...

I want to make one of those its so beautiful!!

Elisa and Emilie said...

I love your look and the DIY, good article ;). Bye, Elisa♥ (a girl who will do a glitter Peter Pan collar!)

Elisabeth said...

The dress looks gorgeous on you! Nice to see other than my own photos with snow in them!

E from Helsinki

Charles said...

i love your dress & your collar diy! you look amazing :)

Abby said...

Very Cool!!! I can't wait to try this! :)

Katie said...

awesome job! this is such a cute outfit! love the earrings with this dress too!

Mrs. Ham said...

love love love this look! thanks for the comment on my blog! i'll be sure to keep reading yours!!


Nty&J said...

Very creative, love it.

BrigitteD said...

I love your peter pan collar! I wanted to make one of my own for a while and finally got the time to google a bit and find a good pattern. My only problem is that I don't understand how the collar stays on his place. I mean, I want one that fits on my dress but I don't want it be sewed on to my dress. I'm afraid it will move around and show skin between the dress and the collar, that the collar will move up. Maybe you can help me out, seeing as your collar seems to fit exactly as how I want mine to fit!

Ruby Girl said...

Hi bea!! Thanks for your sweet comments. And I know, I was pumped to find this lip color. Actually got it at kohls. It's called coral crush by American beauty ;-)

Louise xx said...

This is really helpful. Thank you! ♥ I'm going to make one later.

Louise xx

Ruby Girl said...

Hi brigitte! Oh dear, I'm so sorry, I typed up a response to your comment like forever ago on my phone and just now realized it did not go through. For the most part, the collar stayed in place, but it's just like a necklace that may need adjustment here and there throughout the day. If you'd really like to make sure it absolutely stays in place, you could always just adhere it to whatever blouse/dress you wear it with for the day with a little piece of masking tape on both sides of the collar (rolled and underneath obviously so it's not visible). Also, just make sure when you are making the collar that you have the garment you plan to wear it with most on hand to reference while creating the pattern. That way it will be just the right size! :) Hope this helps!

Bridgette Nicole said...

Wow!! This is PERFECT!! I have been wanting a tutorial on this, thank girl! I am now following you too! I am glad to have a new blog friend! :)