Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video DIY :: Pin-Up Curls

Sometimes it just takes about 30 extra minutes and a little heave-ho, ohhh what the heck I'll try something new attitude to stumble upon a winner and new go-to hairstyle. You all know that I am no master of DIY's by any means. But one of my unofficial goals for the blog this year was to stretch myself and give them a go more often. So here's hoping this is even the tiniest shred of helpful to somebody out there!

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fashion meets art said...

really cool!!! love it. such a good job- i should try it.
maren anita

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So pretty! My hair needs to hurry and grow out so I can do this!

Ames the Sweets said...

I am definitely trying this over the weekend!!! Great tutorial!

XO - Ames the Sweets

hautepinkpretty said...

omg so gorgeous!!! Idk if I could do this to my hair, it's so difficult to style - you look amazing! <3

MistyLove said...

Love this DIY... I love this look, and the half up is SO CUTE! This was a good DIY, keep 'em coming.

Kate S said...

Those curls are perfect! Love them! I also like your bun in your previous post. =]


threadsandbuttons said...

This is super cute! And normally when bloggers post videos I'm a bit thrown by their voice being WAY different than I expected, but yours seems to fit you perfectly :)

Ocean Dreams said...

You look stunning! :) I love pin up curls. Will definitely have to try out this look in the near future.

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Amy Rae Photography said...

You are so cute!